About us

Why this after-sales site?

Pxt-Parcelfound takes care of the after sales service of Parcelfound. In order to do so and to give you the best possible support and satisfaction, we have set up different services. Thus, you will be able to benefit from quality support from Pxt-Parcelfound's after-sales professionals. We dedicate our efforts and time to the execution of this non-negligible task that is the after-sales service. That's why this independent site was created and dedicated 100% to Parcelfound customers. This way, if you have any questions, problems to solve, or errors to correct, you can simply visit this site to find solutions in the shortest time possible. On Pxt-Parcelfound, you can cancel your subscription easily and without any fees!


Support from a team of experts

We also offer you to be accompanied and advised by a team of experts in the field. Indeed, we put at your disposal our years of experience in after-sales service to ensure a quality service. For that, the after-sales service must be taken in charge by specialized and hyper professional advisers. If you have encountered any difficulties, we offer you the guarantee of being accompanied by a team of after-sales specialists who will be able to solve your problem quickly and, above all, efficiently.


Contact Pxt-Parcelfound consultants

For help or information requests, you can contact the Pxt-Parcelfound advisors. Click on the department you wish to speak with below.

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